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About Martin Patrick

Martin is a long-time vaper and vape fan since 2010. His main job is writing articles in engineering but his passion lies in vaping.

Growing up in California and an avid vaper from the beginning, Martin has a wealth of knowledge but more so a passion for vaping. Having worked on product development, and marketing for many brands, Martin is in the industry and keeps his ear to the ground with new releases and what’s what.

In 2013 he finished an engineering degree and has been an avid mod maker since. As well as making his own coils, Martin designs and makes his own mods from various materials. A little bit of mod disassembling and tinkering isn’t new to Martin, let’s just say he’s a true and true vaper.

He is a regular at most Expos and likes to be involved in the industry from the early days to how it has evolved.

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