Best DNA 250c Vape (What Makes Them So Good)


The DNA 250c is produced and manufactured by Evolv With headquarters in Ohio USA. 

DNA 250c was released in 2018 with many brands utilizing the boards while offering devices controlled with the board in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials.

Here’s How Good DNA 250c Mods Are

The DNA 250c has been known for many years as a market leader for temp control, efficiency and resistance measurements. The DNA 250c can come in a number of battery configurations with the most common being a dual battery either with x2 18650 or x2 21700 removable batteries, this configuration will allow the device to output 200 Watts.

What Is A DNA 250c

A DNA 250c device is a mod with an Evolv DNA 250c chip installed, compared to many other brands that offer a similar output in power but the 250c chip has a higher efficiency which is largely the reason why DNA devices have become so popular.

Dna250c comes in many different shapes and sizes and can be configured to have a maximum output wattage of up to 400 watts.

Some of the most well-known brands that offer dna250c devices are Lost vape, Dovpo, Rebel vape, steam crave, Vapesmarter, Vicious ant and Asmodus.

These brands offered many different variants of models containing Evolv DNA boards.

DNA 250c Features

  • Modes: Watts, Temperature Control (Ni200 Nickel Support, Titanium Support, Stainless Steel Support, 200 to 600 Degrees Fahrenheit), wattage boost, replay (1 to 250W Output)
  • X2 batteries or Lipo cell battery
  • Full-colour O-LED display
  • Screen size 0.83” x 1.66”
  • Full customization of the interface/theme, 
  • USB C Charging/software upgrading
  • Safety features(short circuit protection, reverse battery protection and temperature protection for the board) 
  • Escribe support and Escribe theme designer

DNA 250C, 100c and 75c share a lot of similarities such as the modes and safety features.

These safety features are the following:

  • Reverse battery protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Temperature protection for the board

DNA 250c Size

The size will depend on the brand, however, the DNA 100c board is designed to be used with a dual battery that allows the device to output power up to 200 watts.

However, the board can be configured to allow lipo cell batteries or up to 4 removable batteries which can increase the power output up to 400 watts

Some brands like Rebel Vape Use a 3d printing process for the cases of their 250c devices this makes them very lightweight and the material used in the printing process which is a Nylon polymer makes for a durable device as well.

Other brands like Lost Vape and Dovpo which is more mass-produced devices as they are designed and assembled in China are often made with a metal alloy making them larger, heavier and at a cheaper manufacturing cost.

Build Quality And Construction

The design and build quality of Evolv’s DNA 250c is not generally known, as the circuit boards are frequently buried behind panels and screws and cannot be seen without disassembling the device.

The design and build quality of Evolv’s DNA 250c boards themselves are well known, documented as the circuit boards are often hidden behind panels and screws and cannot be seen without disassembling the device.

Many of the devices equipped with a DNA 250c board have received positive feedback and are recognised as excellent products.

The customisable interface, paired with Evolv’s reputation for creating highly efficient and high accuracy in sensing the resistances from an atomizer, is their strongest selling feature.

How To Use A DNA 250c

Using a DNA 250c device is similar to using any other device, but the response, efficiency in power delivery and management as well as precision in resistance reading are unsurpassed.

Once you have chosen a device with a DNA 250c chip you can install the required battery, many of the 250c devices are designed to use two or more 180650,20700,21700 removable batteries or Lipo cells but are more commonly available to the market accepting removable batteries.

After that, connect your selected atomizer and adjust the wattage with the top and bottom buttons to your desired power.

By pushing the center selection button and selecting the required mode (Watts, Watts Boost, Temp control Nickel 200, Temp control Titanium, Temp control SS 316, Temp control SS 430, Replay, Kanthol), you can also access the various profiles/modes.

We have previously published an article talking all about how to use in more detail as well as having more information about Evolv and their different boards called Are Evolv DNA Vapes Any Good? (Things To Know)

What Is Daily Usability Like?

It’s a nice feeling to use a DNA 250c and know that you’re receiving exactly what you want from a device.

However, because of the cost of the board, DNA devices can often be more expensive, but this is worth it because, unlike most other brands of devices, you can frequently get more help with concerns. You can always approach Evolv for assistance, and there are numerous online forums and communities that can assist you.

You will like the ease of use, practicality, and variety of your 250c depending on the brand and model you have.

DNA 250c Price

Prices for DNA 250c mods can differ depending on the brand of manufacture and materials used. Often devices that are more bespoke will cost more due to the material used and the time it takes to produce.

DNA 250c devices can cost from $120 – $400+ / £69 – £300+.

Who Makes DNA 250c Mods?

The most well-known brands that produce dna250c devices are 

  • Lost vape: Themlea
  • Dovpo: Rivia, Odin
  • Rebel Vape: x2 18650, x2 20700/21700, x2 18650 squonk, x2 20700/21700 squonk, X3 18650, x3 20700/21700
  • Steam Crave: Hadron Pro

With rebel vape and lost babe producing do you know devices for a number of years and have a large following for their products.

Similar Products To DNA 250c?

There have been a few brands that have attempted to be like a DNA 250c device however many do not offer the same accuracy or performance as a DNA 250c device does.

Brands like Voopoo and Vaporesso have reduced very popular devices trying to imitate the performance and reliability of an Evolv device with models like the drag series from voodoo and the Gen series by Vaporesso.

DNA 250c Best Sellers

Lost vape Themlea

  • China made
  • Zinc alloy body
  • Dual 18650 removable batteries (Not included)
  • Some colour option with carbon fiber and different types of leathers

Dovpo: Rivia

  • Zinc alloy body
  • China made
  • Dual 18650 removable batteries (Not included) 

Rebel Vape Dual 20700/21700

  • 3D printed
  • Dual 20700 or 21700 removable batteries (Not included) 
  • Lightweight body
  • Uk made
  • Easy to reach customer support
  • Many colour options ( Ally Black, Ally Gray, Blue, Green, Red, Purple and White

DNA 250c Warranty

The warranty from the manufacturers of the device is between 28 days – 12 months.

Warranty would not cover however the following.

  • Liquid damage
  • Misuse/modification
  • Damage caused by drops or falls
  • Accessories 

Pros & Cons

Final Thoughts

Using a dna250c device is a great feeling and knowing exactly what to expect when you push the fire button, with great accuracy and performance throughout the experience of using the device.

As well as having a fully customisable interface you can always add your personal touch to your very own device.

Should I Buy A DNA 250c?

Although dna250c devices are seen as expensive they are well worth the price as they will last a very long time. Even if something does happen they are easy to repair and have multiple contacts for repair services.


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