Lost Vape Thelema Solo 100w Kit Review


The Thelema Solo kit Designed and manufactured by Lost Vape is the latest from the brand in their Quest chip line of devices

The Lost vape Thelema Solo kit Is a single 21700 battery vape device, which has a very elegant design like most Lost Vapes products they offer devices packed full of features while offering customizability. The kit has 5 different modes to select to best suit you may want to vape whether you are a beginner or a more advanced vapor.

Is Lost Vape Thelema Solo 100w Kit any good? Lets find out:

First Glance & Overview

With their style of outer packing design(The box), it is nice and clear what you are going to get with a great presentation of the maximum power output, the type of batteries it can use as well as the coils that fit the pod tank.

Once you have opened the box each component has its section with the device on the left and the pod-tank pre-attached. On the right side, you will see the two coils that come with the kit which are the 0.3 ohm P3 coil and the 0.15 ohm P1 coil.

You will also have a small box below the coils that contains the USB C cable for charging or firmware updating.

What Comes In The Box?

There are two versions of the kit one for EU countries and another for the rest of the world 

Standard Kit includes:

  • Thelema solo 100w Mod
  • 5ML UB PRO Pod tank / 2ML Tpd Compliant UB Pro Pod Tank
  • 0.3UB Pro P3 Coil (60-70 Watts) SS904
  • 0.15 UB Pro P1 Coil  ( 70 – 90 Watts) Ni80
  • 4x  O-Rings
  • 1x 18650 Battery adapter
  • User Manual for Themela device
  • User Manual for pod tank
  • Type-C Cable
  • Warranty Card

Thelema Solo Features

  • Quest 2.0 Chip
  • Wattage/Voltage/Temperature
  • Control/VPC/Bypass Mode
  • Modes: Watts, VPC ( Variable Power Control), Bypass, Voltage, Temp control
  • TC Support: TC-SS994, TC-SS316, TC-Ni200, TC-Ti
  • 100W Max Output Power
  • Screen Size: 0.95
  • 21700/20700 battery compatible (18650 with adapter ) 
  • Fashionable Removable Battery Cover Design
  • Type-C Fast Charging
  • C Frame Design – Compact and Comfort Grip

Thelema Solo Size

  • Height: 97.5mm
  • Width: 28.5mm
  • Depth: 39mm
  • Weight: 150 Grams

Build Quality And Construction

The build quality of Lost Vape products is often not mentioned as the design and process of construction is one of their best features and with the Thelema solo, it is great.

The Thelema Solo is contracted from Zinc alloy, Aluminum and depending on the colour either leather or carbon fiber on the battery door section.

Like with many brands in today’s market Lost vape has paired the device with a pod-style tank which is made from stainless steel and plastic, this design makes for a more durable tank as many other types of tanks utilize glass and can be more fragile.

How To Use Lost Vape Thelema Solo 100w?

The Thelema 100w is very easy to use. You will only need a batter to add and some e-liquid to fill the tank.

Once you have chosen a good rated battery to use and take the battery door cover off and install the battery the very clear and easy to read display will wake and the device will become ready to use.

On the display in the middle of the screen, you will have the power level of 5 watts to start, the screen also displays puff counts, the resistance of the coil, the power level of the battery and if you are in soft mode or hard mode.

To change the modes you press either the top selection button or the bottom and the middle to select and up and down to change it, this also applies to changing the power setting.

With the tank, you will need to install one of the two coils included in the box with one being 0.3-ohm coils made from 904 stainless steel and with a power rating of 60 – 70 watts and the other being 0.15 ohm and NI80 a nickel alloy with an increased power rating of 70 – 90 watts both coils are mesh coils and will help maximize flavor due to the increased surface area.

Once you have chosen the coils you wish to start with you simply install them at the bottom of the top section of the tank as it is a push fit coil design meaning you do not need to screw it in.

 You will then attach the metal base section of the tank to the top by screwing them together. Once you have done this you can pull out the rubber stopper near the top of the tank and fill the tank up with your chosen e-liquid.

Once your tank is filled and you have changed the wattage to the preferred power level you are ready to vape.

What Is Daily Usability Like?

The usability is fantastic, the build quality and machining have been well thought out and done amazingly making the device feel great in the hand.

The flavor from the tank is very nice as well however we would have liked to see a lower power coil provided with the kit rather than higher power coils. We know not everyone wants to be vaping at 50 + watts. 

Like with many kits they tend to offer a low and a high coil giving a good range of what to expect.

Changing the device is very simple via the USB C port however it is more reliable with a removable battery device to charge the removable battery on an external battery charger.

Thelema Solo Price

Looking around the global market prices are from $45 – $60 / £30 – £60.

Where To Buy The Thelema Solo

You can purchase the Lost vape Thelema Kit from many vaping retailers as well as directly from the Lost vapes online store.

Image Product Details  
LostVapeThelemaSolo100WKit_1024x1024 Lost Vape Thelema Solo 100w Check Price

Similar Products To Lost Vape Thelema Solo 100w?

Many brands have released a device that is similar in style and functionality like such brands like Geek Vape and Voopoo.

Geek Vapes is largely known for their Aegis series of devices however the Aegis S100 is similar in size and performance to the Thelema Solo 100w kit.

The Geek Vape Aegis S100 kit offers a maximum wattage output of 100 watts and utilizes a single 18650 removable battery and comes with the Zeus tank. The Aegis S100 also has the unique feature of being IP68 waterproof, dust-proof and shockproof.

The Voopoo Drag X plus is more similar in design size and style however the design only uses the TPP pod tank which means the tank attaches to the device on Voopoo’s own proprietary platform. You can obtain an adapter however this can make the device much taller.

The Drag X plus uses a pod tank similar in style to the Thelema but the TPP tank can be put on many of the Voopoo Devices that share the same platform.

Lost Vape Thelema Solo kit VS Aspire Finixx 80W kit

The Lost Vape Thelema Solo kit and the Aspire Finixx kit share many aspects, both devices are machined amazingly and share similar designed pod tanks.

However the lost vape Thelema has slightly more complexity with the menu interface and is a larger device.

The Finixx however is only a 18650 device and therefore is made smaller but has a great design making it very ergonomic in the hand. 

Being sold for around $55 – $65 / £30 – £47 the cost is a little cheaper then the Thelema but the trade off is you can only use 18650 battery compared to 21700 batteries in the Thelema giving it more power and being able to use it for longer.


Lost Vape offers a 6-month warranty from the date of purchase on all DNA based devices. For other products, such as Quest, there is a 3-month warranty from the date of purchase.

However, these lengths of warranty apply if their products are purchased from authorized distributors. You can find out their distributor located on the Lost Vape Global partners list on their website.

There are some requirements with their warranty and also products will not be covered under some of these conditions from their website:

  • Warranty is expired
  • Wear and tear
  • Damage caused by improper operations
  • Products purchased lower than MSRP or from an unauthorized vendor
  • Accidental damage, faults caused by negligent use, lack of care, or neglect
  • Repairs or alterations carried out by third parties, not in accordance with LOST VAPE recommendations

Lost Vape Has 3 Repair locations with one in the USA, Europe, and China. They provide repairs or replacement of devices covered under warranty. 

What Coils Are Compatible With The Lost Vape Thelema?

The tank that comes with the Thelema utilizes the Lost Vape UB series of coils, the are 2 coils that are for the tank and an RBA Section to build your own coils.

Where Are Lost Vape Products Made?

Lost Vape’s products are made in Shenzhen China which is also the manufacturing hub for many vape brands in the market.

Pros & Cons

What Other Reviewers Say

Final Thoughts

With the Thelema you will quickly see why Lost Vape is well known for their quality with a well built and comfortable device as well as having the ability to last the day from a single charge with the 0.3-ohm coil installed at a lower power setting. 

Should I Buy Lost Vape Thelema Solo 100w?

If you are looking for a very well built single 20700 / 21700 then the Thelema is once to consider, with a great interface design making it almost Evolv like in design. And For the price of $45 – $60, we are fairly surprised.





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