Are Evolv DNA Vapes Any Good? (Things To Know)


Evolv have been making leading chipsets for vape mods for a long time. It is well known how highly regarded they are throughout the industry, from multiple reviewers to 1000’s of customer comments and praise.

DNA chips offer the very best vaping experience and are used in a wide range of products, from custom small scale hand made mods, to mass manufactured branded vapes.

Here’s How Good Evolv DNA Vapes Are:

DNA Chip Mods Reputation for high efficiency and accuracy with power and readings. They have features such as temperature regulation, power modes, preheat, boost, and replay. These chips also promote the best efficiency from the battery and allow you to keep track of coil resistance. These mods boast some of the best customizability for the display and make for a very personal vaping experience.

A Brief History Of Evolv DNA 

In mid-2008 Brandon Ward the creator of Evolv purchased an E-cigarette recommended by a friend looking to quit smoking. After using the device he later quit smoking.

He later saw the potential with technology for E-cigarettes at the time a sought after to make them better. Brandon sought to find an engineer that specialised in electronics and met John Bellinger who specialised in the design and manufacture of control electronics.

John had previous knowledge of the e-cigarette industry selling power converters for armchairs to enthusiasts making homemade e-cigarette devices. With many other devices in 2010 offering little control in power regulating, meaning voltage or wattage could not be changed, they saw an opportunity. By working together Brandon and John made the first evolv device known as the Darwin.

Here’s a timeline on the history and development of Evolv:

2010 The Darwin: The Darwin is evolv’s first regulated power control device that was not much wider than a dime. The Darwin also had a small LCD display showing wattage information in offered regulated charging.

2012-2013 – The Kick and Kick2 – the Kick is a small chipset offered safety features for mechanical devices that were unregulated and draw power directly from the battery. It allowed users to a specify output power that would not overstress batteries and prevent battery failure.

2014 – DNA40 – The DNA 40 was one of the first chips to offer temperature control, meaning other materials like nickel wire and titanium could be used in rebuildable atomisers offering consisting temperatures through the experience. One of many industry game changers evolv offered.

2015 – DNA200– the release of the DNA 200 offered a whole new level of exerience. Users got more power, customizability with escribe software, as well as multi-cell balance charging.

The DNA 200 board was a very popular board for many brands and exploxed in the industry as the very best chipset to have in a device. Mod manufacturers globally flocked to use it due to the reliability and versatility the chip offered. 

Many brands such as Hotcig, Hcigar, Rebel, Boxer, Lost vape and many others adopted DNA boards. They became very popular. With this addition to Evolv’s brand and their customizable Escribe software, many users opted into the data logging of Escribe and over 4 billion puffs have been recorded to date.

2016 – DNA75– The dna75 was very similar in features to the DNA 200 but with a 75-watt single battery using 18650s, 20700 and 21700 batteries. This soon became the best high end mid-range alternative for manufacturers of devices, who released many compact and ergonomic styled vapes.

2016 – DNA250 – 2016 saw the release of the 250 chip was one of the most powerful chips being offered, and even to date.

The 250 offered confuguration from dual cell and triple cell mods, with 97% efficency, reverse polarity and 2A faster charging. It could be configured in a multitude of different styles, typically found with using a pair of 18650, but also with some companies and users making devices with 20700, 21700 and lipo batteries. Specific features can be found here

2016 – DNA60 – DNA 60 is very similar to DNA 40 but with an increased wattage from 40 Watts to 60 watts. It was a great choice for many brands such as billet box and Rebel Vape, due to the small and compact size of the chip and diversity with the to add extensions to firing button and wattage buttons as well.

2017 – DNA75C – 75c was Evolv’s first full-colour display board, similar to the DNA 75. The Dna 75c also so an increase in efficiency and accuracy to its predecessor.

2018 – DNA250C – Similar to the DNA 75c but with increased wattage, the dna 250c also saw the benefit of increased efficiency and accuracy as well as the full-colour screen and remains to have the ability to have up to 4 cells to power devices.

Many brands have since utilised the 250c chip as well as the 75c for the reliability and overall performance offered by Evolv. The Dna 250c has been utilised in many different styles such as squonking, but most notable in a dual battery configuration produced by manufacturers such as lost vape, Dovpo, Rebel vape and Steam crave. 

Why not check out our articles on these brands here:

2018 – DNA Go – DNA go is one of evolv’s smallest ship sets offered. Featuring minimal settings this board has wattage control replay functionality preheat and an onboard programmable multicolour led. The DNA go chipset was used by the lost vape in the Orion device which is a sleek and small pod device capable of 40 Watts.

2020 – The Reflex – The Reflex was the first integrated small full vape device. Offering varying settings, the reflex gave a high end option for people to stop smoking in a very compact form. More information can be found here

2021 – DNA 100C – the 100c see is the latest chipset released by Evolv similar to the 250c and 75c with the middle grounds wattage being 100 watts.

The 100c has the same features as 250c and 75c but due to its higher capacity in watts what is more typically found utilising a larger battery such as 20700s and 21700, but having a USB C charging updated port, making it more up to date.

With the release of the 100c, few companies have picked up this type of new board. Two of the most recognised are lost vape with the Hyperion and rebel vape for the rebel 100c device.

So What Is A DNA Chip And Why Is It So Good?

Evolv offers a benchmark in the industry for performance, accuracy and temperature control.

DNA chips have been created a place in the market that was previously not recognised. This led Evolv to create its line of products and lead many other brands to use their chips in some of the most popular devices available.

Offering variable wattage, they are used by many different users from beginners/intermediate to the more advanced users.

The DNA 75 and 60 range is very capable of providing highly advanced controls, functionality and power for many beginners and MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) vapers in a small form factor.

The DNA 200 and 250C/167 is more suited for those with a little more experience, wanting more power and often used for sub-ohm tanks and rebuildables.

The Quality Of Evolv DNA Mods

DNA mods are the best of the best. They are expensive for the same reason the latest smartphones are expensive. Plenty of research and development, the performance and the cost of the parts. Some mods even get built from premium materials such as stabwood, 3d Printing, Resin, Delrin, Ultem, carbon fibre and more.

They are often seen in higher-end devices, as they overall build quality is resonated by the performance of the chipset inside.

How Reliable & Safe Are Evolv DNA Vapes?

Evolv takes great pride and care with their products and can be easily seen in the high efficiency of the chips provided.

With many safety features built into the program and board. The safety features protect the user and devices from sort circuiting (Reverse polarity), overheat temperature protection and accurate power and Ohms reading capabilities.

This however is not to say they are guaranteed to have no issues as there are some things to keep in mind while using. One thing to know is with chips in Squonk mods is excess liquid can sometimes enter the device and can damage the chip adn screen.

The safety features are comparable to most others however are more sensitive to temperature and resistance reading. The reliability of DNA devices is seen as a benchmark by many other brands with some brands attempting to take on Evolv like Voopoo and the Gene chip.

Are There Any Typical Problems With DNA Products?

With Evolv DNA chips being so accurate ,there are some common but minimal issues that can occur with daily use and over time.

The sensitivity of the boards can fluctuate the resistance reading from the atomiser as the exterior temperature can affect readings such as warmer temps and colder materials. This is no real concern as the fluctuations are minor. Users often report an incorrect reading from their previous devices, however those devices are often cheaper and less accurate.

Another issue that can happen is liquid damage to screens from excess liquid leaking from atomisers. This is more common with squonking devices. It is always worth having a vape rag or a cloth to wipe any excess liquid away from the device to prevent damage to the screen. This is an easy fix as replacement screens are easy to acquire and replace, either by yourself or by the manufacturer of the device.

Some issues may occur from software but you can download Evolv’s escribe software and simply reset or instal the latest software to the device.

A 4% check battery reading issue can occur. This can sometimes be due to the fuse on the board being damaged, however typically it is to do with an over surge in externally charge batteries, above 4.2 V, causing a trip in the board. A simple reset in escribe can solve the issue.

What Is Evolv’s Warranty Like?

With devices that use Evolv DNA chips, Evolve has a 90-day limited warranty on the board itself and their service is very well regarded as to the highest level.

Warranty doesn’t cover however the following:

  • Wear and tear
  • Liquid damage
  • Cracked or damaged display
  • Any modifications, 
  • Abuse
  • Accidental damage
  • Disassembly, or unauthorized repair

For any device that uses a DNA Chip if any issues it is advised to contact the manufacturer of the device but Evolv does also offer a repair service but there may possibly be fees and charges applied.

How Long Do Evolv DNA Vapes Last?

With mods using Evolv chips it is not unheard of for devices to last up to 7 or more year’s.  With regular care, unnecessary wear and tear, maintenance and software updates this can prevent many issues occurring over time. 

Evolv Devices are very well designed and manufactured, with care and good use, they will last you a very long time. Issues generally occur with user errors. This can be resolved by contacting the manufacturer or looking for troubleshooting issues.

Why are DNA Mods Expensive?

DNA powered mods are some of the best devices available in the industry, offering the reliability that vapers want and maintaining and regulating safe power levels accuracy.

Some manufacturers of DNA powered devices use higher-grade materials and single batch colour or high grade material designed, such as vicious Ants Duke 2 stabilized wood mods, and Rebel Vape’s high quality 3D print mods.

Many of the higher end and most expensive devices that are powered by Evolv DNA chips are often hand made and finished to a very high level… this is what you are paying for.

What Products are Similar To Evolve DNA?

Some similar products would be, SXMini’s YiHi and Voopoo’s Gene Chip. While these chips are great for performance neither of these offers the same level of customisation that you get with a DNA chip.

Yihi is another provider that also offers very accurate reading chips that come in many configurations, power levels and accept different types of batteries.  Yihi boards are designed and made in Japan although yihi does not just offer chips they also design and manufacture devices, like the sx 485j that is used in there Yihi SXmini SL which a single battery device capable of using 18650/20700/21700. In recent years their popularity has died down somewhat due to the lack of releases that enticed the market.

Voopoo is one of the largest mainstream, advanced vape manufacturers our of china. Largely known for their popular Drag series, created the Gene chip installed in many of their lines of vape mods. The Gene chip offers a fast response with a 0.01 in response from pressing the fire button to delivering power to the atomiser, any of the same features of the DNA but at a much more affordable price range, starting from $50.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A DNA Mod?

One of the biggest advantages of using a DNA mod is the extended battery life. These mods are able to conserve power by regulating it with the chipset’s features. For example, if you set a DNA30 to 30W, it will continue to output at 30W which means you will get consistent draws of power at this range every time. 

Accuracy is considered key in the high-end market, and you get what you pay for. I have continued to lead the industry was advancements in the highest level of technology and capabilities of chipsets available for Vape devices.

What Is The Best DNA Mod?

With many companies and brands manufacturing devices powered and regulated by Evolv DNA chips, there have been some devices that stand out and have become very well known on the market.

Dovpo is one brand that has offered two DNA powered devices one using the DNA 75C chip and another using a DNA 250C chip, These are called the Odin 250c and Odin 75c. The Odin devices are a collaboration with an Australian vape reviewer called Vaping Bogan.

The Odin 250c uses a pair of 20700 or 21700 batteries to reach the 200 wattage output and the construction of the devices is made from a metal alloy making it a solid and sturdy design. The Odin 75c is similar to Odin 250c with styling but in a smaller form factor while using a single 20700 or 21700 battery. 

Dovpo also offers a proprietary chip version to both devices at a cheaper price while the 250c and 75c versions typically sold for $120 – $165 while the proprietary chipset version starts from $70.

Lost Vape is one brand that is mainly known for making DNA powered devices but with a smaller range of devices using their own propriety chips.

Lost vape is one of the most well-known brands for offering DNA devices and continues to do so by offering high-end style finishes such as carbon fibre inlays and different types of leather on the devices. They utilize many of Evolv’s chips such as the 100c, 250c, 75c and previous models used are the DNA 200/167.

Lost Vapes latest device the Centutaurus uses the DNA 250c chips while using a pair of removable 18650 batteries. This model comes in many finishes like copper and gold carbon fibre, Avalon shell and stabilized wood panels. Prices can be seen from $170 – $200 depending on finishes and where you purchase it from.

Rebel Vape is one brand from the UK that offers a great solution that many users find that many of the mass-produced devices using DNA boards that come from China are typically heave and large. They offer 3d printed cases making the device very light (approximately 60-70g, substantially lighter than other devices) and ergonomic for users with approximately 70% of the overall weight coming from the batteries alone.

Rebel Vape have the most variety of DNA mods, and their product range covers everything from a single battery lower priced device such as the DNA 75W at $110, to a larger triple battery device and even a series of squonkers.

Rebel Vape offers a multitude of color combinatons and uses many of Evolv Chips in their devices and offers them in many configurations for example the 75c is used in several devices some using a 18650 or a 20650 and having the ability to squonk and some devices accepting larger capacity batteries like 21700s, this is the same for the 250c range. 

Rebel Vape also uses the DNA 60 chip in a Side-By-Side (SBS) device making it small and compact and using a single 20700 or a 21700 battery. Prices vary on colour option and model but prices start from $130 – $265. These devices are in a league of their own and have to be witnessed to believe how truly light they are.

The Rebel Mod - 200W (2 x 20700/21700) - Evolv DNA 250C V2

Hammer of God have been so far the only Company to release 250C, known as the 400c. The 4 x 18650 battery powered device, although larger in size, it offers a 40 mm tank capacity with no overhang, and overwhelming amount of battery life and power for the serious vaper.

Vicious Ant is another great example of using DNA chips. However is often seen as an expensive brand to purchase, with their devices using stabilized and hybrid acrylic materials as well as having some titanium components these manufacturing costs can be reflected in the overall price.

However Vicious Ant has a large following and is often said as producing some of the most pretty looking devices to the market with being in limited batches and colour combinations.

One of the most popular devices they offer is the Duke which come in a few different options, one option is a DNA 75 and materials can vary from an aerospace-grade aluminium case to different colour options in stabilized wood as well as coming in different battery configuration like single 18650 or single 21700. These devices can cost from $330 – $550 depending on the option selected.

What Do Reviews Say About Evolv DNA Mods?

Many reviews and users will agree that there is nothing like using a DNA powered device and many will solely use DNA devices on a regular basis due to the performance and reliability.

There are not really any reviews for the Evolv boards themselves but rather for the devices that use the chips provided by Evolv.

We looked at two web site and here’s what is said:

The famous reviewer Jai Haze, amongst many others including Grimm Green, Ruby Roo, Suck My Mod and others have extensively reviewed Rebel Vape Evolv DNA mods, and the feedback is excellent. Reviewers and customers praise them for being exceptionally lightweight, well built, stylish and in more recent years, offering a very good customer service.

From a youtube review for the SXK Sup box DNA 60 device from vape reviewers Vaping Bogan. This device is a combination of a side-by-side style device and a billet box styled device being able to use Boro tanks which can use other brands coils or rebuildable inserts.

Final Thoughts

With producing many different types of chipsets over the years from evolves original Darwin chipset to the latest DNA 100c it is arguably one of the best chip providers out there.

There are many devices being powered by DNA chips many brands, but it is very clear that evolve has has produced one of the most globally recognised chips. Loved by my many different types of users, from beginners to the more advanced users due to the overall reliability quality an experience of usability.

Are Evolv DNA Vapes Worth It?

DNA products are one of the best chipsets available on the market however even though no DNA power devices or often more expensive they can be said it is worth every penny.


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