Following up on their successful line of pod systems, SMOK has released the Novo 2C Kit. Inheriting the best aspects of its forebears, the SMOK Novo 2C Kit is the newest member of the Novo family. This is intended to provide robust and pure flavor, making it an ideal choice for vapers looking for an easy and joyful vaping experience.

The SMOK Novo 2C Kit is an excellent option for vapers looking for a small and reasonably priced pod system that delivers exceptional taste and a satisfying vaping experience.

Let’s thoroughly review the Smok Novo 2C Kit and see how it compares to the competition.

The Smok Novo 2C Kit

Here’s How Good The Smok Novo 2C Kit Is

The compact, lightweight SMOK Novo 2 kit delivers robust, pure flavor. You can vape longer with the Novo’s 800mAh battery, almost double the original’s 450mAh. Compared to the original Novo’s 16W, the Novo 2’s output range is 6–25W, maximizing e-liquid flavor.

The Novo 2 package includes 2ml pods with 1.0ohm coils for standard e-liquid and 1.4ohm coils for nicotine salt. These pods are easy to fill and provide delicious vapor. Vaping newbies might try the Novo 2, a cheaper and simpler version of the SMOK Nord kit.

Smok Novo MTL Pod

First Glance & Overview

The SMOK Novo 2C kit looks like a little pod system. For on-the-go vaping, it’s lightweight and fits in your palm. The device’s front battery indicator light helps you monitor battery life.

The SMOK Novo 2C kit has an 800mAh battery, approximately double that of the original Novo, and a 6-25W output range instead of 16W. Beginners can utilize the draw-activated shooting mechanism without pressing any buttons.

In terms of performance, the SMOK Novo 2C is built to provide a pleasing vaping sensation with a powerful throat impact. Two refillable pods, one 1.0ohm for standard e-liquid and one 1.4ohm for nicotine salt come with the kit. 

Overall, the SMOK Novo 2C kit is a simple yet effective pod system offering a great vaping experience, especially for those new to vaping. With its larger battery capacity and increased output range, it is a significant improvement over the original Novo.

Build Quality and Construction

The SMOK Novo 2C Kit is well-built and high quality, despite its c size. The zinc-alloy construction gives the device a durable and solid feel, and the overall design is sleek and stylish. The kit is easy to use and maintain, with no complicated buttons or settings to navigate.

One of the notable features of the SMOK Novo 2C Kit is its adjustable airflow system. SMOK Novo 2 has a U-shaped airflow. Air enters the Novo 2 Pod through its sides, buttonhole, coil, and mouthpiece through its airflow holes.

In terms of battery life, Its 800mAh Li-ion battery lasts almost twice as long as the original Novo. This allows longer vaping sessions without power concerns. The USB charging connector makes charging the smartphone quick and uncomplicated.

Overall, the SMOK Novo 2C Kit is reliable, high-quality vaping equipment for beginners and pros. Its performance and features make it a good pod kit for on-the-go vaping.

What Comes With The SMOK Novo 2C Kit?

  • NOVO 2 Device
  • 2 x Pods
  • 1 x NOVO 2 Mesh 1.0ohm (No e-liquid)(2m)
  • 1 X NOVO 2 DC 1.4ohm MTL Pod
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

Features Of The SMOK NOVO 2C Kit

  • Design: Compact and portable
  • Output Power: 6W-25W
  • Resistance Range: 1.0ohm-1.4ohm
  • Battery: 800mAh
  • Frame: Zinc Alloy
  • Dimension: 88.3 x 24.5 x 14.5mm
  • LED battery life indicator


  • Size: 88.3 x 24.5 x 14.5mm
  • Battery Capacity: 800mAh
  • Input Voltage: 3.3V-4.2V
  • Charging Current: Max:0.55A
  • Overcharge Voltage: 4.3V
  • E-liquid Capacity: 2ml
  • Output: 6W-25W
  • Charging Voltage: 5V
  • Overcharge Voltage: 2.4V
  • Output Voltage: 3.0V-4.0V

Smok Novo C 2Pod Kit

Colors Of Smok Novo 2C Kit

  • Blue 
  • Gold 
  • Red 
  • Purple 
  • Yellow 
  • Brown 
  • Green 

Dimensions And Weight Of The Smok Novo 2C Kit

  • Height: 88.3mm
  • Base: N/A (The Base of the LVE Orion 2 Pod Kit is not readily available, as the manufacturer does not provide this information)
  • Weight: 43g
  • Diameter Widest Point: 24.5mm

How To Use Smok Novo 2C Kit?

The SMOK Novo 2C kit is a popular vape kit that is simple to use, making it an excellent choice for novices. Here’s how to use it:

  • Charge the battery: Make sure the battery is completely charged before using the gadget. Plug the USB-C charging cable into the device and connect it to a power source to accomplish this.
  • Fill the pod: Remove the pod from the device before filling it with e-liquid. Fill the pod with your favorite e-liquid by unscrewing the rubber plug on the side. Reinstall the rubber plug and reinstall the pod in the device.
  • Turn on the device: The device has no buttons. Simply inhale through the mouthpiece to activate it.
  • Adjust the airflow: The gadget includes an adjustable airflow system that allows you to tailor the draw resistance to your preferences. You may change the airflow by rotating the pod in the device until you find the right setting.
  • Vape: After turning on the gadget and filling the pod with e-liquid, you’re ready to vape. To activate the gadget and produce vapor, simply inhale through the mouthpiece.
  • Turn off the device: To turn off the gadget, simply remove the pod from the device or let it time out. After 10 seconds of inactivity, the device will shut down automatically.

What Is The Daily Usability Like?

The SMOK Novo 2C Kit’s daily use would be based on the user’s preferences and previous experiences with similar devices. Nonetheless, the following are some general aspects that may affect the SMOK Novo 2C Kit’s everyday usability:

  • Battery life: The battery life of the device is crucial to its daily usability. If the device has a lengthy battery life, it can be used all day without being charged. If the battery life is short, it may require frequent charging, which might be bothersome.
  • Ease of use: The device’s usability can be affected by its ease of use. A device that is easy to use and does not have many complicated steps to operate is more likely to be utilized frequently.
  • Quality of vapor production: The quality of the vapor produced can have an impact on the device’s everyday usability. The user is more likely to enjoy using the gadget on a daily vapor produced is of good quality.
  • Maintenance: The device’s maintenance requirements can have an impact on its everyday usability. A gadget that is simple to clean and maintain is more likely to be used regularly.
  • Price: Regularly price can have an impact on its daily usability. A product that is reasonably priced is more likely to be used on a daily an overpriced device may be used less frequently.

These are some of the aspects that can influence the SMOK Novo 2C Kit’s use daily. Individual experiences may differ, thus testing the equipment for yourself is always advised to establish its everyday usage.


The Smok Novo 2C Kit price is $19.99.

Where To Buy Smok Novo 2C Kit? 

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Smok Novo 2C Smok Novo 2C Kit

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The Smok Novo 2 has an extended warranty period of 12 months, taking the lead even in the whole industry

Can You Use Salt Nic In The Smok Novo 2C Kit?

Yes, Smok Novo 2C works with nicotine salt and standard e-liquids. The kit includes two pods with 1.0ohm and 1.4ohm resistance coils. The 1.0ohm pod is recommended for standard e-liquids, while the 1.4ohm pod is for nicotine salts. However, different e-liquids may vary the vapor’s flavor and throat hit, so it’s advisable to experiment to find your favorite.

How Long Does The Smok Novo 2C Kit?

The Smok Novo 2C kit’s battery life is determined by factors like as usage frequency, power level, and battery capacity. The kit includes a 450mAh battery that should last several hours with moderate use on a single charge. However, prolonged use at high power settings may cause the battery to drain faster. The device’s USB-C charging connector allows it to be charged rapidly and efficiently, often in an hour or less.

Pros And Cons Of The Smok Novo 2C Kit

What Do Other Reviewers Say?

Final Thoughts

The SMOK Novo 2C Kit is a portable pod system that delivers a satisfying vaping experience. Its customizable airflow mechanism, long battery life, and simple operation make it ideal for both new and seasoned vapers. Its sleek, attractive style and many options are also advantages. The SMOK Novo 2C Kit is a good choice for portable, easy-to-use vaping. For on-the-go vaping, it’s convenient, functional, and stylish.

Should You Buy The Smok Novo 2C Kit?

If you are looking for a compact and user-friendly device for vaping, the Smok Novo 2C Kit is definitely worth considering. Its sleek design, easy-to-use features, and satisfying vapor production make it a great choice for both novice and experienced vapers.

The Smok Novo 2C Kit

Build Quality
Ease of use
Overall design

Overall Score



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