Is Dinner Lady A Good Vape Brand? (10 Things To Know)


Dinner lady is a well-known and very popular brand since based in the UK.

Their Liquids have won many awards and often be found center stage at expos.

Here’s How Good Dinner Lady Is

Dinner Lady are considered one of the best eliquid brands. They offer a variety of e-liquids, CBD products and disposable vapes, in any strengths, flavors, in both freebase nicotine and Nic salts. Their most notable flavor is lemon tart which has been a favourite for many years.

What Is The Quality of Dinner Lady Like?

Dinner lady is often the first choice by many vapers from beginners to the more advanced users.

They only the highest grade vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol in their liquids, as well as the best quality concentrates to create outstanding flavors.

They have prided themselves with their mission testimony to create a superior experience for all vapers everywhere.

How Long Do Dinner Lady Vapes Last?

Dinner Lady e liquids are really subjective of how long they will last as this depends on the user. Some users are able to to get 2 – 3 weeks from a 50ml bottle and others 1 – 2 days. This will also depend on the type of device that is being used, and if it is a sub-ohm device, which typically use more liquid, or a MTL cigarette style device.

Salt nicotine e-liquids are designed to be used with mouth to lung tanks and therefore typically last longer as less liquid is used when the liquid is atomized.

How Many Hits Are On A Dinner Lady Vape? 

Dinner Lady also has their own disposable devices offered in some of their most popular flavours and come in different sizes and puff counts.

The puff count and internal battery largely determine how long the device will last, but depending on the model the number of puffs may differ. Depending on the model they can last between 400 puffs to 1500 puffs

In the UK and EU, there are regulations in place that limit the internal capacity of liquids to 2 ml as well as limiting the nicotine strength to 20 mg therefore in these regions you may not find anything over 500 – 800 puffs.

What Is Dinner Lady Most Known For?

Dinner lady has a very well-known reputation in the industry and has won 50 awards over the years for there e-liquid flavors, as well as their CBD liquids in the UK, Canada, USA and Russia.

The best-known flavor by dinner lady is by far is their dessert flavor lemon tart. This has been widely recognised as a go to for dessert lovers as well as fruit lovers.

What Are Dinner Lady’s Most Popular Products?

Dinner lady offers a multitude of flavours from deserts, tobacco, candy/sweets, fruity and also icy. Some have gained a very strong following and repeat customer base.

Here are some of the most popular products dinner lady has to offer:

Lemon tart is dinner ladies best flavour and has been for many years this flavour is a blend of sweets lemon curd meringue and a biscuit base.

Strawberry macaroon is another largely popular flavour this whatever is a combination of sweet strawberries and rich meringue flavours.

Smooth tobacco is there a ladies best selling tobacco flavour this is a light yet earthy tobacco flavouring.

Blue raspberry this is a a classic from dinner lady that is a sweet candied raspberry.

Watermelon slices is a sweet favourite due to the the candied elements and combination of watermelons.

Hemp CBD e-liquid and oral drop sweet fruit, is CBD comes in a a few different strengths from 100 mg to 1500 mg and is sold in 10 – 30 ml sized bottles.

How Much Nicotine Is In Dinner Lady Products? 

Dinner lady has a variety of nicotine strengths depending on the country that it is sold in. As their main manufacturing is in the UK they offer shortfills that comply with the TPD regulations for UK and Europe.

The shortfills are typically sold in 50 ml with a 10 ml gap for nicotine shots. They also offer 4 premixed nicotine sold in 3, 6, 12 and 18 mg of freebase nicotine as well as 10 mg and 20 mg of salt nicotine. This is typically 10ml throughout europe, but unrestricted in others.

Outside is the UK and EU you for example in the USA you can find a Dinner Lady being sold with nicotine strengths of 30 mg and 50 mg, with prices between $14 and $20 depending on strength and retailer.

Their CBD products contain 0 traces of nicotine but are offered in CBD strength of 100mg to 1500 mg.

What Are Some Products Similar To Dinner Lady?

There are many companies that are similar to dinner Lady however dinner lady has become almost a household name in the industry.

Some of the most similar brands are:

Nasty juice – largely known for there fruity and slight Icy range of flavours make e-liquids, nicotine salt E-Liquids disposable devices.

Dr vapes – Another brand that is often won awards for their flavours and making e-liquids nicotine salts and disposables in collaboration with GeekBar.

Anarchist – A variety of awesome flavors very popular throughout the world, typically coming in 50-100ml bottles.

Harmony CBD is a brand that mainly offers CBD products such as vapable CBD e-liquids, oils, consumable capsules, CBD skincare products and edibles.

Where Can You Buy Dinner Lady Products?

As dinner lady is a globally recognised brand often found in many locations and were even one of the first large vape brands in the UK to enter into supermarkets.

You can easily find dinner lady products in most vape shops, supermarkets, convenience stores, gas stations and online retailers. Click here to buy now. 

What Do Reviews Say About Dinner Lady Vapes?

With such a globally recognised brand and offering great products that stand out from the competition on retailers shelf’s, reviews for dinner lady products have shown the brand offers a top-quality experience in flavour and performance.

Final Thoughts

Dinner Lady Have been recognised for offering great flavors, and great lines of the liquid in both regular nicotine and nicotine salts. Winning many awards, with many varieties, it is safe to say they’re great brand.

If you are in the market to try some new flavors, or have even heard about dinner lady and want to try them out, you can be reassured they are some of the best out there.

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