The Rebel 100c Squonker – Reviewed


The Rebel Vape DNA 100c is their latest designed mod released for the market using Evolv’s latest board the DNA 100c.

The Rebel Vape 100c comes in many different colours but the most well known and popular is the Ally Black for the stealthy and sleek design

Here’s How Good The Rebel Vape DNA 100C Squonker Is

The Rebel Vape DNA 100c Squonker is the latest single battery squonk from Rebel. It is a very lightweight, ergonomically designed 3d printed device weighing at approx 68g. The device utilizes replaceable 21700 and 20700 batteries. Evolv boards are widely regarded as some of the most reliable and efficient on the market. 

First Glance & Overview

The device comes in a 3d printed tube with their logo embossed on the side and a QC sticker on top. Made from recycled plastic, the tube is a nice touch.

Popping the top off the tube greets you with the device inside. There is a soft velvety bag ( great for storing the device in when not using) 2 cards one with warranty information and the other as a quick troubleshooting guide for Evolv boards.

The mod Accepts up to 28mm tanks with no overhang and can push to 30mm as the full width of the mod, but the edges are curved so you will get a small gap. But no overhang as such.

You will also have a Rebel Vape branded vape band for your tank and a Rebel Branded sticker as well as a USB C cable. Note that the cable is optional when ordering as well as the extended warranty.

The squonk hole is easily accessible and the bottle is slightly recessed for 2 reasons. Firstly so you dont accidentally push it, but also it can take much larger bottles. It currently comes with the YFTK 8ml squonk bottle, which we feel is a quality choice.

With taking the device out of the pouch you will quickly realize that there is nothing like it the overall feel and texture of the device is just great and even when installing a 21700 or 20700 battery you will only really feel the weight of the battery and atomizer once attached. They are incredibly light

The buttons on the device are nice and clicky and were very easy to press. The menu buttons are now separately installed for easy changing. Thankfully there is no rattling at all and no stiff buttons.

With installing a Molicell P42A the screen lights up instantly. Rebel Vape does not currently put a custom theme on to the boards to leave it fully customizable for the user. If you wanted any theme installed you will need to download the Escribe software from Evolv and browse there their theme library.

What Comes With The Rebel Vape Dna 100C Squonker?

  • 3D printed tube for storage of the device
  • Rebel Vape DNA 100C Squonker Device
  • Squonk bottle
  • Warranty card
  • Troubleshooting guide for Evolv DNA devices
  • Rebel vape branded vape band
  • Rebel vape sticker
  • USB C cable (optional when ordering)


  • Ally Black – Solid black material and fade proof
  • Ally Grey – Solid Grey material and fade proof
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • White
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • It is also worth mentioning some devices can mix and match button and door combinations which is a very nice feature!

Rebel Vape DNA 100C Squonker Features

The Rebel Vape DNA 100c Squonker shares many features with other DNA C models with the difference of the ability to have a max power of 100 watts.

  • Modes: Watts, Temperature Control (Ni200 Nickel Support, Titanium Support, Stainless Steel Support, 200 to 600 Degrees Fahrenheit), wattage boost, replay (1 to 100W Output)
  • Full customization of the interface/theme, 
  • Full-colour O-LED display
  • Screen size 0.83” x 1.66”
  • Safety features(short circuit protection, reverse battery protection and temperature protection for the board) 
  • Micro USB Charging/software upgrading
  • Escribe support and Escribe theme designer
  • Nylon Plastic 3D Printed housing
  • Self-adjusting 510 connection
  • Uses x1 21700 or 20700 removable battery ( battery not included) 
  • Accepts up to 28mm tanks

Rebel Vape DNA 100C Squonker Size

The Rebel Vape DNA 100c is the smallest DNA 100C device on the market coming in at

  • Hight: 84mm
  • Depth:51mm 
  • Width: 26mm widening to 30mm 
  • Weight: 68 grams without a battery installed.

Build Quality and Construction

Rebel Vape is most known for its 3d printed chassis for their devices which makes them very lightweight, comfortable and rigid. you have to put one in your hand to truly appreciate how light it is.

The material is also however very rugged, there are reviews of people literally throwing them across rooms and attacking it with a hammer. Although they are not indestructible and the wrong fall can cause issues.

The DNA 100c Squonker is also an incredibly light device for a 21700 battery device and feels great to use regularly. At approx 68g it’ll be hard to find something this size lighter.

The Ally Black with the all-black 510 fittings combined with the gold plated screw to hold fix the 510 in place make for a great stylish accent piece.

The design of the battery door when removed is a little tight to take off but it snaps back tight with a sense of authority and with no movement or play in the door. The door has drastically been improved with larger clip nodules. Its pretty tight!

We have seen some previous issues with quality from Rebel Vape in previous years and models but they heard what customers have said and worked on redesigns and fixes to maintain their popularity and quality.

Many would argue that these are just plastic mods and you can pick up something with the same board for cheaper and them may be right but would you get the same level of help from a larger manufacturer. In many opinions you would not get the same level of assistance as you would with Rebel Vape.

They may be a smaller company compared to say other mainstream brands, but they work far harder to achieve their goals and keep the level of service.

How To Use The Rebel Vape 100C Squonker

Using The Rebel Vape 100C Squonker is very simple and enjoyable to use, all you will need is either a 21700 battery or a 20700 battery.

Once the battery is installed press any button and the device and screen will awake, after that just press the fire button 5 times to unlock and attach your favorite atomizer on top.

Depending on how you vape there are a few modes you can choose from such as watts, watts boost, 4 temp control modes ( nickel 200, titanium, SS 316 and SS 430), Replay ( like temp control but can work on most other coil materials) and kanthal mode. Each mode is customizable to best suit your need.

If you look into the themes for the DNA C devices you can find some really useful themes that will give you on the home screen more information like voltage use, puff count, amps are drawn and length of puff. You can also put these on yourself with the designer that is downloaded with the Evolv Escribe software.

Install your filled squonker bottle with your RDA, squeeze the liquid up to your rda and vape away. The bottle is soft, so be sure to squeeze gently at first to gauge how much you need without flooding your deck.

What Is The Daily Usability Like?

The daily usability is great it is so smooth and lightweight it is hardly noticeable in a pocket, we combined it with a Goon RDA to experience the performance and to see if there is any kind of delay in ramp-up which we can confirm there is none at all it is a very responsive board which we fully expect from Evolve.

Rebel Vape DNA 100C Squonker Price

The Rebel DNA 100c starts at £179.99 depending on the color chosen. There are some 3rd party retailers/distributors that sell them for $200 – $220 depending on location.

Where To Buy The Rebel Vape DNA 100C Squonker

You can very easily purchase any of Rebel Devices From the website ( or from Esauce UK ( as the two work very closely together.

Rebel and Esauce have shipped devices around the globe and offer a few different delivery options to make shipping easier to your country.

You may also find some other vape companies also selling them, these other companies are resellers/distributors and will have some form of wholesale with Rebel or Esauce.

Similar Products To The Rebel Vape 100c Squonker?

It is hard to compare a device of this nature to a mass-produced product however you can in some ways compare Viscious Ant squonks to the Rebel Vape DNA 100c.

Both devices use the Evolve DNA 100C board to maintain power and safety, while the are made of wood, metal and plastics. They can be larger and heavier, although its a different look, so you can choose what you prefer. Both are great choices.

Rebel Vape DNA 100C Squonker Warranty

Rebel Vape’s devices come with a 12-month warranty, with a 24-month warranty available as an add-on. This covers manufacturing faults, as well as any repairs or replacements, but excludes the following.

  • Damage caused by liquids
  • Internal components or the casing is damaged by drops or falls.
  • Modification-related harm
  • Accessories
  • Software

If you have an issue with your Evolve DNA device, you may contact them and have them repair or replace it for you; however, depending on the circumstances, there may be some repair and shipping expenses.

What Is DNA 100C?

DNA 100C is the short term for the Evolv DNA 100c board. The 100c is their latest regulated board released and is the middle ground from their DNA 75c and DNA 250c boards.

The 100c has a peak power of 100 watts unlike the DNA 75 with a peak of 75 watts and the DNA 250 with a max of 200watts with 2 batteries or 250 watts / 300 with 3 batteries.

The DNA 100c is a great versatile board for single battery devices and for users with a bit more power than what you would get from the DNA 75c.

Why Are Rebel Vape Mods Expensive?

The materials and machines used are of the highest standard in the world. To add, the finishing process of Rebel Mods takes time, tools and care. Unlike other 3D printed mods, they offer fade-resistant colours which are a premium material and undergo a 4 stage process. There are many aspects that go into making a mod from the design cost of materials and many things in between. Components are custom made, some are gold plated, and all to the highest standard.

Pros & Cons

Performance of Evolv DNA 100c boardPrice Not the cheapest but worth it
Overall stylingBattery door very tight
Comfortable feel
2A charging ( USB C )
Efficiency of power
Very lightweight

Final Thoughts

The Rebel Vape DNA 100C Squonker is a fantastic device to use either regularly or even casual and you will certainly see some admirers once they feel the weight of the device. If you are after a high end, very lightweight and powerful device, the DNA 100C Squonker is the perfect choice.

Rebel Mod DNA 100c Squonker

Build quality
Ease of use
Overall design

Overall Score



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