Are Maskking Vape Disposables Good? (Things To Know)


Maskking Vape Is a Chinese manufacturing brand of disposable vapour products to North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania regions while offering devices with and without nicotine. Their devices have been designed for ease of use and are especially popular with beginner/starter users to cut down on cigarettes and then quit smoking.

What Are Disposable Vapes?

Disposable vapes are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, puff counts, types, nicotine levels, and flavours.

You will not have to change the coils or refill the liquids; simply use them and discard them.

Disposables are an excellent alternative to smoking since they are easy to use it and mimic the way you would typically smoke.

Disposables employ PG/VG to create and transfer flavour and vapour (propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin).

Better Than Normal Vapes? 

Disposables are typically less costly, with prices beginning at a much lower level.

Disposables may be found in a variety of locations, including convenience stores, vape shops, and numerous big supermarkets.

To maintain product safety and regulation in the UK and EU, disposables must comply to Tpd (Tobacco Product Directive) compliance, whilst the PMTA in the US has an identical requirement ( Pre Market Tobacco Application)

How Many Cigarettes Do Maskking Bars Compare To?

There are various factors in play, such as absorption rates, nicotine strengths, and the type of nicotine, however one cigarette normally contains 0.7-1mg of nicotine, whereas an e-liquid, such as a 3mg Liquid, is 3mg by volume, equating to around 2-3 cigarettes per bottle.

A disposable that is 20mg is approximately the equivalent of 14 – 20 cigarettes however this may vary as some variables apply.

Masking Vapes offers 0mg disposables called High Pro Zero and High Gt Zero and come in 15 different flavours. 

Are Maskking disposable vapes MTL or DTL?

Although many disposable vapes are meant to be MTL (mouth to lung), certain brands and models may have a more open / less limited airflow, making inhaling from the device simpler.

The Quality & Reliability Of Maskking Vape Products

Disposable vapes are made by a number of companies, and while quality varies, the majority offer a long-lasting and high-quality product.

Because some of the most well-known vape brands, such as geek vape, have embraced disposables, the vape experience can be expected to be on par with any other on the market.

Many e-liquid companies have created disposables, including Beard, I Love, and Nasty, to mention a few. So it’s reasonable to assume that the flavour and vaping sensation will be comparable to those of other kits. The E-liquid included within a disposable will be the same as that supplied in bottle form by the manufacturer.

Because of the disposable industry’s fast expansion, certain brands and products have become more well-known than others and have been proven to be more reliable.

Disposables, on the other hand, are very inexpensive goods, with prices ranging from $9 to $25 depending on the brand, quantity, and area. They typically last approximately as long as the suggested puff count.

How Long Do Maskking Vape Disposables Last?

Typically disposable vapes have a puff count and are anywhere between 200 – 4000 puffs, this will depend on the brand and model of the products. 

Are There Any Problems With Maskking Bar Disposables? 

The biggest issue that some individuals have with disposable vapes is that they don’t always last as long or feel like they reach the puff count, this can be common however the amount of puff is the biggest issue that some individuals have with disposable vapes is that they don’t always last as long or feel like the reach the puff count, this can be common however the amount of puff is an approximation and the variable of inhaling length will also decrease the battery quicker or slower.  

The light may glow as you inhale, but there is no vapour. You might not notice anything when you inhale. There are several potential causes for disposables to hit, and we’ll start with the most prevalent. Troubleshooting instructions are typically accessible on the manufacturer’s website, and the staff at your local vape shop will almost probably be able to help you.

Are Masking Vapes Products Safe? 

Disposable vapes are widely regarded as a far safer alternative to cigarettes. Vapour is not the same as smoke, and these devices do not emit tar or carbon monoxide, two of the most hazardous components in tobacco smoke.

They are not for those under the age of 18 and are usually offered 0Mg as Australia has strict legislation in place and prohibits the sale of nicotine products.

The legal nicotine level limitations will apply to all brands. They will vary somewhat in form and style, but they will all be thin yet pocket-friendly.

Some nations have outright bans on vaping, while others have strict rules.

Here is a quick list

  • Mexico
  • Syria
  • Brazil
  • Qatar – Completely banned.
  • There are some extreme cases:
  • Singapore – Completely banned. Possession is also a crime and can carry a fine of up to $1500.
  • Thailand  – Completely banned can see prison sentence up to 10 years if convicted.

What is Maskking Vape’s Products Warranty Like?

Due to the nature of the items, disposable vapes usually have a “all sales are final” policy.

However some have warranty options, some only accept a return for refund or replacement due to product defects under regular use.

The Warranty & Returns Service does not cover any physical damage to the product as a result of overuse, falling, or any other level of damage.

You may check this on the manufacturer’s website or inquire at the store where you purchased it.

What Age Do You Need To Be Able To Vape?

There are a variety of ages in different nations; below is a sample of a few.

It is 18+ in the United Kingdom, with a challenge 21 policy at select retail stores.

The majority of the European Union is over the age of 18, with just two nations under the age of 16.

Tobacco products are not sold to those under the age of 18 in the Middle East.

Under the age of 18 is outlawed in most of Asia, with some nations prohibiting those under the age of 21.

As of 2019, all states in the United States are 21 and up.

In the remainder of the globe, most counties are 18+, with just a handful having no legal age of usage rules in place.

what alternatives are there to disposable vape?

Due to the popularity of throwaway vapes, some vaping companies have created devices that are refillable, reusable, and rechargeable. Some of the tobacco is heated. All of them provide a fantastic technique to quit smoking.

What Are The Best Disposables?

Here are just some of the most popular from the USA and UK:

  • fume bar
  • smok vape pen
  • rick morty
  • kandy pens
  • dinner lady 
  • air bars 
  • puff bars

In Australia there are only a few brands such as:

  • Puff Bar
  • Ivape Man
  • Allo
  • Relx
  • HQD

What Is The Point Of Disposable Vapes?

Disposable vapes are considered to be a better alternative to smoking and an easier transition due to the way they are used.


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